It's been seven years since I launched a Mastermind group, so it's long overdue! The last time we did this we saw industry leaders emerge and brands go from unknown to household names. If you'd like to hear details of how you can work with our team and a small group of others who take business and life seriously and who also love growing every day, then you'll want to sign up for updates and detail notification of our 2020 Mastermind concept launching soon.

Only a LIMITED number of people will be able to Join the Mastermind Group.

  • We will meet twice monthly virtually via Zoom.
  • Quarterly one-on-one call with Jim, Brett or Trey to discuss your business.
  • We also will hold 1 or 2 Optional LIVE meetings per year.
  • All details will be announced before we launch the mastermind.

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    Meet Your Team Leaders

    This is the Core Team that will be involved in each Virtual and Live Mastermind meeting.

    Jim Cockrum


    • Author of several books including 'Silent Sales Machine' awarded in 2019 "Best beginner online sales book of all time** " with over a million copies sold and thousands of success stories from Internet based business builders
    • The expert behind the top ranked podcast "Silent Sales Machine Radio" ranked as a top business and entrepreneur show globally
    • Manages the team behind the all time best selling Amazon training course in the world at
    • Full-time online with multiple online income streams as the only income for his family since 2002 & founder of

    Brett Bartlett


    • Founder of Dynasty Toys - a frequent #1 top selling toy brand on Amazon
    • Currently growing an online audience of over 10,000 opt-ins per day
    • Manages a large team, warehouses and an online buyer community of millions of customers
    • The all time most successful student of the ProvenAmazonCourse
    • Partnered with Jim to serve tens of thousands of business building entrepreneurs around the world

    Trey Cockrum


    • Twenty year old homeschooled son of Jim and Andrea Cockrum earning healthy five figures monthly online while doing NOTHING with Amazon!
    • Has several clients with over $100k per month in net profits.
    • In the past few months his team has spent over $1M in Facebook ads with an average return of 2.2x across the board on several projects.
    • First $10k profit day came at the age of 19.
    • Will have a $100K month in 2020
    • Invested over $20k of his own money in 2019 into his own education on online business strategies and will invest even more in 2020.
    • Like his Dad, follows Biblical concepts of business success (i.e. Daniel Lapin's content)
    • No debt living in a dream apartment setup since he was 19

    Meet Your Contributing Experts

    These accomplished leaders will be on the majority of our Mastermind training sessions with you.

    Mike Brown


    • Entrepreneur of the year in the state of New York
    • Top 5 best selling grocery product on Amazon and best selling coffee on Amazon
    • Member of Jim's first mastermind group


    You'll be meeting many of the most successful and inspirational leaders from our circle of influence.


    • Coaching Director for Jim Cockrum's Team
    • Runs several thriving online businesses
    • Has 20+ years of business consulting experience

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